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Baby Seat Service

Baby Seat Service

Illegality occurs when a child seat use by a toddler. If you are looking for a family trip with toddler so we have free toddler seat service in our minicab. In order to avoid criminal conviction toddler must sit in the toddler seat instead of child seat. Before booking you must let us know about your toddler details so it can be easy for our crews to ensure the availability of a free seat for your toddler.

Free Effective Baby Seat Service

We are pride to give you with an infant seat service at no extra cost, but you are required to give us in advance the detail information of your toddler/child to make it sure that we can fulfill your requirements. We are too much happy to provide with such services and we are looking fourth to give you a warm welcome to your family as when on a ride with us.

Safe and Comfortable Baby Seats

We guarantee that your child seats are well maintained and cleaned and be sure we will give you a reliable, safe and fast ride whilst you feel relax and comfort. For your ultimate safety of your infant our service for free child seat is available, please call us on 0203 226 0972.

Sophie Jenson

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Remarkable Taxis Service, though the flight was late but they waited for me nearly one hour.

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I have used Airport Transfer service of Wembley Minicabs and it is very helpful. I will recommend it to my friends.